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Why Our Lithium batteries are the best in Nigeria

Our Lithium batteries are the most technologically advanced in Nigeria, it lasts more than 15 years of continuous usage, is lighter, charges faster, provides more runtime, has many features you cant find in other lithium batteries of its kind.

You can discharge our battery 100% after each charge without damaging its lifespan. Over the lifespan of our battery you would spend 6 times more money on other battery types.

Don't buy a battery that will give you a tough time claiming a warranty and don't offer repair services, Marketers hardly honour warranties due to the complications when dealing with a foreign product.

Our batteries are manufactured by us here in nigeria so claiming a warranty is easy, We also offer repair services if our battery ever develops a fault, We can repair the battery within few days and send it back to you.

You can still send your battery for a repair even after your warranty has expired.

We are proudly Nigerian and here to stay!!

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Monitoring With Mobile App

You can monitor and control our battery using its dedicated mobile app. The mobile app ships with many features such as monitoring of individual cell groups, monitoring protections, temperature, warranty information, charge and discharge controls, initiating of updates and many more

Please note that the default authentication password for connecting to the battery is 123456. This password can however be changed from the settings menu after a successful connection to the battery.

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