51.2v LifePo4 Battery 200A

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  • Power on and off button
  • Battery management integrated circuit
  • Over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Protection Alarms
  • Event Logging
  • Active Balancing
  • Bluetooth
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Trends and Statistical Usage Reports
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Under Temperature Protection
  • Integrated Advisory System
  • Supports Updates through Mobile App
  • High discharge and charge current
  • Very long life (will last more than 15 years)
  • No special charger is required, our lithium battery works with any type of inverter or lead acid charger


Unibody Metal
Capacity 10,240Wh
Designed For 48v applications
Max Charging Current 150A
Max Discharge Current 150A
Parallel Connection Up to 11 in parallel
Series Connection Cannot be connected in series
Datasheet PELTON-48V200A Datasheet

 Product has a 5 Years Warranty

We offer repair services even after your warranty has expired!

We deliver to all states in Nigeria!


This battery is a 51.2v 200Ah battery which is equivalent to 10,240Wh. Has a sleek design that is not only unique in beauty but also in performance and very easy to install. This battery is designed to be used with inverters and electronic applications that are designed for 48v. The product has many features you wont find in other brands.

This single battery is equivalent to "four" 12v lead acid batteries. Saves a lot of space due to its slim design.
The longevity of our batteries makes it the best choice for your solar and renewable energy needs.

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