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When considering storage for your renewable energy applications (e.g inverter installations), lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered the best in many aspects. There are many reasons why lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered better than other battery types (e.g AGM, GEL) currently in the market. in this article we will try to compare it with the common lead acid (AGM, GEL) based batteries used in Nigeria.

Life Span

A typical lead acid battery lasts for about 3 years when you do a 100% depth of discharge, so that means in 15 years you would have to replace the battery about 5 times. But unlike a lead acid battery, our LifePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery can last up to 15 years or more .

Given the use of our Pelton LifePo4 battery and any other traditional lead acid battery, the table below shows you how much you would spend in 15 years:

Battery Chemistry Pelton LifePo4 battery (48v 200A) Lead Acid Battery (12v 200A) x 4
LifeSpan Per Unit More than 15 years About 3 years
Series Units Required (48V System) 1 4
Units used within 15 years 1 20

Fast Charging

A LifePo4 battery charges very fast compared to a lead acid battery. Using a constant current of 60A, a LifePo4 battery would charge in less than 2 hours while an equivalent lead acid battery would charge for about 18 hours. No special charger is required to charge our lithium battery, our battery will work with any type of inverter or lead acid charger

Light Weight

A LifePo4 battery carries a lot of energy while maintaining a low weight, unlike lead acid batteries which are known to be very heavy.


Lead acid batteries require constant maintenance, while LifePo4 batteries require no maintenance. Just install it and go about your business, the batteries will do just fine

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our LifePo4 batteries ship with a battery management system. This device monitors the battery temperature and voltage to ensure the internal cells are not abused. The BMS supports other features such as over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuit protections. A lead acid battery has non of these protections

Active Balancing

Compared with other LifePo4 based batteries in the market, Our pelton lithium batteries are the only ones that contain active balancing circuits, this results in a battery with internal cells that are always balanced whether you are charging or discharging, thus resulting in a longer runtime of the battery.

We offer repair services for our batteries

All our batteries are cover by warranty, in which case the batteries are repaired by our technicians. Our batteries are manufactured by us here in nigeria so claiming a warranty is easy. We also offer repair services even after your warranty has expired. If our battery ever develops a fault, We can repair the battery within few days and send it back to you.

Don't buy a battery that will give you a tough time claiming a warranty and don't offer repair services, Marketers hardly honour warranties due to the complications when dealing with a foreign product. You can still send your battery to us for a repair even after your warranty has expired.

We are proudly Nigerian and here to stay!!

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